Paul Burgess is a Web Developer, Software Engineer and Geek, living in London in the UK.

He loves the Internet and has been online ever since he begged his father to sign-up for an account with the UK's first ISP back in 1992. Before then, he had to settle for running a BBS on a 9600-baud modem when his parents had gone to bed and converse with fellow geeks over FidoNET. Good times.

Since finishing his education he has worked for a variety of organisations including The BBC, The Financial Services Authority, Eli Lilly, Nickelodeon and The International Tennis Federation among others. He has worked on projects both large and small and is fortunate enough to have been able to use cutting edge technologies and concepts during his time with these companies. He still can't believe they actually let him.

Paul loves simplicity in his code and enjoys sharing development techniques, talking about new ideas and preaching the gospels of KISS, DRY and YAGNI to anyone who will listen.

When he's not glued to the computer he can be found enjoying a movie, sipping on a nice glass of wine, cooking up a tasty meal or listening to music with the volume turned up to eleven.